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How Do You Start a Wellness Brand?

The business day of a wellness brand operator requires a clarity of vision and...
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The business day of a wellness brand operator requires a clarity of vision and a relentless drive to succeed, no matter what. This is true for any business in the U.S. or abroad, of course, but in order to break into the dietary supplement market, you’ll need to create a strong business plan that throws away the template and takes every possible bump in the road onboard. Preparing for a crash and understanding how to avoid the pitfalls is just part of the ride.

Focus on the fundamentals.


Private label supplement brands all have a foundation story. Without a reason for existing, a dietary supplement brand is simply another salesman pushing a bottle of soft gel pills or capsules. What will set you apart is the story behind your brand’s birth. Telling buyers why you do what you do is the best way to create a loyal following of clients that swear by your brand and your mantras.

Storytelling isn’t the only thing your brand will need. In order to ship a professional package to your customers with on-time delivery and high quality of service, you’ll need to partner with one of many supplement manufacturing firms that operate within your niche (searching for supplement manufacturers USA is a great way to uncover these resources). Utilizing a high quality manufacturing partner will help you keep your costs low and the quality standards high. Your clients will demand a product that meets exacting specifications in line with FDA guidelines in the United States—and foreign regulatory controls for other international markets. Ensuring that your supplements and tertiary products meet these high standards is a great way to sell your brand as the next hot trend in wellness circles. This starts with a partnership that you can rely on.

Advertising is key.


Whether you’re contemplating statistics for accidents that involve self-driving cars (collisions with human drivers or other autonomous vehicles, the average recovery time of those injured in these types of collisions, etc.) in order to identify customers or are trying to target a specific subsection of runners who suffer from ankle stiffness or leg chafing, advertising is the next step in your progression.

One great way to boost the reputation and overall professionalism of your business is to utilize printed folders for client and vendor presentations. Customized folders look great and fit with the overall package that you’re working to deliver for your clients. With a folder of information at the ready, you can be confident while walking into sales meetings across the United States.

Indeed, confidence in your brand will act as the silver bullet for driving sales; this confidence begins with advertising strategies that put your brand and its unique selling proposition (USP) out in front.

Never give up on your future.


The wellness industry is a fast-paced merchant space. Trends move with lightning speed from one type of product to the next. Keeping your course is crucial to finding success that lasts beyond the newest fad within the training community. Growing your supplement and wellness brand is all about staying power. You need to blend the ability to offer perennial solutions to the problems that your clients face alongside a trending product line that will get people excited and motivated to continue on in their fitness journey. Brands that can capture both sectors of this continuously evolving marketplace are poised to remain successful and on the move for the long haul. The good news is that the wellness industry telegraphs these means of success. While you’ll certainly have to forge your own way forward, the blueprint for creating a company that shows compassion for the plight of every man while catering to a cross-section of elite athletes and those looking to lose a few pounds is a simple one to follow.

Launching your wellness line (and preventing a fast crash) takes introspection and a commitment to seeing your plans through. Get started building your brand today.

Billie is the newest addition to the Mitzi’s Cafe team as designer, writer, photographer, and all around creative aficienado. When she’s not shooting or designing, she’s usually adventuring outside or building something for her home.
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