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Welcome to my world!

I’m a former nutritional coach and vegan cafe owner living in Brooklyn, NY, and I’ve been nerding-out on blog content, design, and online journalism for over a decade.

I believe in the power of taking risks, showing up even when it’s scary, and not having to do all the things in order to connect, grow, and learn online. After running a successful vegan cafe for many years, while simultaneously blogging and designing blog templates online, I’ve learned a few things about where what motivates people and how to get them growing and thriving. I took a chance on my love for content, design, and writing, and officially launched in 2018.

I not only am a lifelong foodie, but I love all things fashion, home style, wellness, lifestyle, and relationship topics. I try to exemplify this in my own personal style, decor, and daily experiences.

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Our job is to help you simplify your life and feel confident enough about what you’re creating and doing to finally see things GROW. We hope that our approachable method to lifestyle and fashion will resonate with you! Stay awhile!