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Your Home Also Deserves A Little Self Care

Taking care of your home can be a complex process. Prioritizing updates, renovations, and...
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Taking care of your home can be a complex process. Prioritizing updates, renovations, and repairs can be challenging for a new homeowner or someone who is in over their head with action items that require attention.

The truth is that your home deserves care, just like you and your family. Taking the time to ensure that your living space is well cared for is the best way to enjoy the returns that come along with a luxurious and highly functioning home. A living space that includes all the latest amenities and takes advantage of continual repair works is one that will always provide the comfort and peace of mind that you are your family need and deserve.

With these places of focus, taking care of your home the right way can be made simple, and perhaps even fun when it comes to the DIY tasks that many homeowners look forward to.

Start with the exterior.


Exterior spaces can make a huge dent in any renovation work that you may be planning for the home. From the façade to the back yard, updating the space that extends beyond your living room and kitchen is the best way to immediately make your home feel more luxurious and comfortable. Starting in the front, reading through a driveway pressure washing guide can give you a fantastic starting point for any exterior renovations. Focusing on the front of the home—and the driveway in particular—is a great way to boost the excitement that you feel at the end of each long day out at the office.

Pressure washing the driveway (with an easy-to-use home pressure washer with high PSI and a nozzle set) is a simple task that really anyone can do for their property. While it’s an easy fix for weeds, grime, oils, and dirt on the pavement, many people simply fail to realize that this key task should be done regularly, and can be accomplished by the average homeowner.

Every square inch of the driveway builds up all sorts of grit and grime throughout the year, and washing away this buildup with a hose makes the front of your home look clean and tidy. Not to mention that a little water pressure and a spray wand can prolong the life of your elongated concrete “welcome mat.” Maintaining the driveway is an important task, but it’s one that far too many homeowners fail to take into consideration when conducting home improvement on their property.

Gardening and patio upgrades are also a great place to focus when working on home improvement projects that will really make an impact. Building new patio space that extends out from your interior living room area, and adding some great patio furniture to it, is a great way to boost the impact that any external relaxation spaces can make on the overall energy and layout of your home. A patio is an easy addition as well. Making this renovation a priority in the months leading up to the summer months can give you a new and fantastic area to relax in through the months that see the kids at home and the easy living made more comfortable.

Tackle home system repairs: The air conditioner, roof, bathroom, and kitchen.


Taking care of your air conditioning unit is also crucial to caring for your home. The AC unit is fitted with various filters, nozzles, and purifier elements. Air conditioning units are created with the filtration of airborne particles in mind, yet they can’t last forever without proper cleaning and maintenance. A visit from your AC repair technician once or twice per year can keep the unit running smoothly and prolong the life of the air conditioner, HVAC system compressor, and each of the other parts that make the system work. Without this routine maintenance schedule, your AC system suffers from efficiency degradation and the eventual shutdown of the entire whole.

A home without an AC unit is an entirely uncomfortable one, especially during the extreme heat or cold of the summer or winter months, respectively. With constant care for the AC system and the installation of a HEPA air purifier or two, keeping the internal temperature and air quality at a consistent premium within your home is easy to accomplish. A HEPA filter is often an easy-to-install solution to many of the air quality problems that you may be experiencing in the home. A quick fix that can immediately improve your quality of life is something worth celebrating, and an air purifier with a HEPA filter can do this in a heartbeat.

Air quality is a key feature of a comfortable home, yet this isn’t the only component of a well-maintained space for you and your family. Ensuring that your roof is clear of debris and that the shingles or times aren’t wearing out is another important consideration for a homeowner looking to make the most of their property.

This means either climbing up on the roof or hiring a contractor to do the job for you every six months, at least. Clearing the overhead space of debris and buildup from the weather that prevails in your local area is an essential task designed to lengthen the lifespan of your home’s roof. A replacement can be expensive, so getting the most out of your current roof and gutters is a significant concern for many property owners.

With a contractor that you trust like CMK Construction, focusing on the kitchen, bathroom, and roof, bringing in professional contractors to help with the larger jobs is easy. At CMK in particular, contractors with a long track record of success and customer satisfaction is a given. Hiring a professional means bringing in a team of experts who are well versed in finding and fixing any trouble areas that you may be battling in your home.

Whether it’s the roof, a bathroom feature that just isn’t helpful, or a complete tear-out and rebuild of the kitchen space, CMK boasts a fantastic team that can guide you at every step of the way, no matter the scope of work.

Each of these areas is crucial to making your home more comfortable. Caring for the place in which you live is an important part of owning a home. Take the time to think about the property and it will reward you.

Charlotte is a stylist, graphic designer, and art director at Mitzi’s Cafe. Based in Los Angeles, you can typically find her grabbing brunch with friends or reading a book on the beach.
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