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3 Tips To Maximize AC Efficiency

Having an air conditioner at your home or workplace is no longer a sign...
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Having an air conditioner at your home or workplace is no longer a sign of affluence. Times have changed, and air conditioners are now a more commonplace and relevant smart device due to the numerous benefits they bring. They also come with the added advantage of reducing your energy bill.

However, despite their benefits, air conditioners are quite expensive to repair or replace. Hence it’s pertinent to give them the requisite care and periodic maintenance that will keep it functioning for longer. On that note, this article offers three tips to maximize AC efficiency.

1. Limit you AC’s energy consumption.


Air conditioners require a high amount of energy to function. Even the modern energy-saving units require more power than most appliances. The longer your system is kept on, the more energy it consumes. Likewise, the more heat it detects, the more energy it needs to reduce the temperature. It then becomes imperative to implement smart measures to limit expenditure and enhance efficiency.

There’s also the age-old trick of making sure that all windows and doors leading outside are closed when your system is switched on. You should also make sure that your thermostat isn’t close to any source of heat. Investing in a smart thermostat is a great way to observe temperature fluctuations.

In this era of smart home devices, it’s logical to use a sensory regulator that periodically switches off your unit at certain times, or when it reaches a specific low temperature. You can also use a current inverter to reduce the energy consumed. These tips can also be applied to other household appliances to turn your home into a smart house, optimizing their efficiency and giving them the longevity you need.

2. Carry out regular maintenance on your units.

Like most complex systems, your AC is made up of smaller components. Damage to one of them markedly affects its function, and can even cause permanent damage. It’s vital to check your unit periodically (possibly every month), and if need be, get an expert to take a look for you.

Your condensation drain should be scrutinized for clogs as these can impede efficient drainage. Also, as air filters get choked with debris over time, you should ensure proper maintenance and regularly replace them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This greatly helps in maximizing your unit’s airflow capability. It’s also worth noting that foreign matter can get into your outdoor unit, hindering the fan. Therefore, it’s imperative to examine your outdoor unit to make sure it’s free from foreign bodies.

Lastly, dust particles and many other unwanted objects usually settle on the evaporator coils of your indoor system. So, try to clean this area monthly using a damp rag or a vacuum system.

3. Be observant of unusual operation.


The best way to implement all of the tips given is by simply being observant. This way, you’ll quickly detect when something is wrong. Possible triggers to look out for include an alarm not going off despite a sharp increase in humidity, a steep continuous spike in your energy bill, rapid freezing of your condenser, or a loud noise from your outdoor unit.

Usually, these small changes in the functioning of your AC unit are indicative of a bigger issue. Therefore, it’s vital to look out for variations in the operation of your setup, no matter how subtle they may seem. When you discover them, be inquisitive enough to investigate and find out the source. If it’s something you can quickly solve (like leaves clogging up the outdoor unit), attend to it. If you can’t detect anything, employ the services of a licensed technician.

All in all, these tips will help maximize your AC unit’s efficiency. However, be aware that all AC units aren’t the same and come with their own unique maintenance instructions that should be adhered to. Never attempt anything without consulting your manufacturer’s guide first, and if you are unsure then have a professional take a closer look.

Mitzi is the founder and creator of Mitzi’s Cafe, established in 2018. She currently resides in Brooklyn, splitting her time in Los Angeles, and loves tacos, vegan donuts and the Yankees.
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