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How to Get the Look to Match Your New Cali Lifestyle

Moving to California is more than just a change of scenery, it’s the beginning...
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Moving to California is more than just a change of scenery, it’s the beginning of an entirely new way of life. After some time in the Golden State, some of your old friends and acquaintances might not even recognize you anymore, which is a good thing as long as you change for the better.

It won’t take you long to fall in love with Cali, but it also won’t take you long to realize that the people out here are a little different. One of the main things that separate Californians from other Americans is their health and beauty consciousness. But don’t worry, this short guide will help you to achieve the look to go along with your new California lifestyle.

Give your skin special treatment.

When was the last time you did something nice for your skin? Many people don’t think about their skin until it’s tanning season but in Cali where it’s sunny all year, you have to prepare for it to be a shoulders-out season all year long.

If your skin is sensitive to the chemicals in many leading skin care products, then you should try a natural option like CBD-based skincare products. CBD can help alleviate certain skin issues and physical discomfort. To learn more about how CBD can enhance your skin care regimen as well as contribute to your overall wellness, visit

Have a spa day.

Relocating is stressful so when you finish unpacking, you deserve a little pampering. When you get to California, it’s a must that you treat yourself to a spa day — it should come as no surprise that Cali has some of the best day spas and full-service salons in the world.

Le Rêve is a full-service salon that offers massages, facials, hair coloring, hair removal, body scrubs, and much more. After a day of pampering at Le Rêve, you’ll be a vision of the California Dream for sure!

Make healthier food choices.

If you want to achieve the California look, then you need to consider making healthier food choices. Believe it or not, Californians even eat differently than most Americans, and you could probably benefit from converting as well.

In California, people eat a lot of seafood — as you could imagine — but their diet also a higher intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Lucky for you that wine counts as a fruit in California!

If you want to improve your health and get in better shape, then start with your food choices. You are what you eat, and Cali is all about being healthy.

Get a new wardrobe.

If there’s one thing California is famous for besides movie stars, it’s fashion. In fact, Los Angeles and San Francisco are two of the world’s leading fashion cities.

When you move to Cali, you may feel like much of your wardrobe is obsolete. The hottest fashions go straight from the runways of Milan, Paris, New York, and London to the shelves of high-end boutiques in LA and the Bay Area. It sounds like it’s time to go to a Cali shopping spree!

Start working out.

California gets plenty of suns and has the longest shoreline in the country — that means you will get plenty of beach days. If you want a Cali-style beach bod, then it’s time to start burning some calories.

Having a workout partner helps with motivation. If you don’t have an exercise buddy, then consider getting a personal trainer. Not only can a personal trainer motivate you, but they can also help you to put together a meal plan to help you reach your fitness goals.

Originally from Paraguay, Naomi is a Boston-based actress, artist, and writer. When she is not on stage, Naomi works behind-the-scenes, taking care of all things operational at Mitzi’s Cafe.
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