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How to Dress Like a New Yorker

Thousands of people visit New York City daily, and most of these visitors are...
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Thousands of people visit New York City daily, and most of these visitors are seeing New York for the first time. It can be an excellent experience for foreigners if they can manage to blend in with the locals. When you arrive at JFK or Newark airport, it will be self-evident to even the most untrained eye who is a tourist and who is a local. Tourists tend to stand out more when they aren’t dressed for a typical day in NYC.

Blending in with local New yorkers isn’t as hard as you might think it would be since New York is such a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. The only thing you have to do is dress the part, and you’ll fit right in. The right attire will help you get the most out of your trip when you plan a trip to NYC. So, here are a few tips on how to dress just like a New Yorker.

Keep It Simple

When you travel to a new city, especially one as popular as New York City, it’s probably best if you keep it simple. Try not to appear too flashy or distracted in order to avoid possible pickpocketers. Try to keep your valuable belongings hidden at all times as pickpocketers like to frequent the tourist traps throughout NYC. Instead of taking your flashy cell phone out to check the time when you’re headed to Chinatown or Soho, try using an AP watch instead. It’s practical, and it keeps you from digging in your bag frequently. An excellent way to also keep valuables hidden is to invest in an anti-theft backpack. Anti-theft backpacks allow you to travel with your valuable items without worrying about them being stolen from you.

On Wednesdays we wear black.

New Yorkers are infamously known to pile on all-black attire. While it can seem like a dramatic look to most, it’s considered a simple everyday look for locals. You don’t have to be into the gothic look to wear all black in the Big Apple. You can avoid slipping into that category by mixing and matching your fabrics. Try pairing your black leather pants with a nice, thick, wool, black sweater in the winter to give you a friendlier appearance. For an extra flair, add a statement piece like your favorite necklace or your new AP watch.

Not only is this look versatile, but it can also save you space in your suitcase. This look allows you to mix and match multiple outfit selections. If you’re on a tight budget, an all-black wardrobe is an affordable and practical option in this city.

Make sure you wear the correct footwear.

As tempting as it may be to bring your most fashionable heels to NYC, it is probably best if you don’t, or if you do, at least bring a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes with you too. Many tourists fail to realize how much walking most New Yorkers do on a day to day basis. With the long streets and avenues, you can find yourself walking around the city for hours. If you plan to visit places like the empire state building or take a stroll through Central Park, you will be required to wear appropriate footwear.

It would be a great idea to make sure you pack a good pair of shoes that will work for whatever weather you’ll be facing during your visit. In the wintertime, make sure to pack a pair of slip-proof winter boots that are good to walk in for a couple of hours and possible snow days. No one likes slipping on icy sidewalks. In the summertime, bring some comfortable sneakers or flats — it’s best to avoid sandals as it can get to be hard to navigate through crowds in them on some streets like the busy 34th street, for example.

Whether you’re visiting or moving to New York, you can have a tremendous and flawless experience in the city if you keep these essential fashion tips in mind.

Charlotte is a stylist, graphic designer, and art director at Mitzi’s Cafe. Based in Los Angeles, you can typically find her grabbing brunch with friends or reading a book on the beach.
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