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10 Tips for Planning a Girls’ Vacation

A girls’ vacation is well over-due for many women out there. You’re ready to...

A girls’ vacation is well over-due for many women out there. You’re ready to take some time off with your closest friends and head out on a vacation to remember. Though vacations are exciting, it sometimes feels overwhelming getting packed and ready for your trip. As you plan for your girls’ vacation, there are tips and ideas to keep in mind before you head off on your adventures. Here are 10 ideas to incorporate for the trip of a lifetime with the girls.

1. Pick the perfect spot.


The first part of your trip is deciding on the ideal spot for you and the girls. Take everyone’s desires into consideration. For example, if everyone agrees on wanting to head towards the beach, then you’ll want to pick a location that’s fit like a peaceful vacation destination. Or, if you’re all about wineries and good food, then head to the valleys and vineyards to experience a trip you’ll all enjoy. Obviously, you can hit up other places instead of staying in one spot. But, it’s worth discussing each person’s desires for the vacation to have an incredible time.

2. Pack the right apparel.


Once you’ve decided on a location, check the weather for that area. When you know the weather for the area and the dates you’re going, you can more accurately assess what kind of clothing to pack. For example, you’ll want a variety of clothes you can layer, but you don’t want to bring a heavy parka if you’re heading to a hot, humid climate. Instead, opt for a bathing suit and light layers. Meanwhile, if you’re going on a ski trip, bring warm clothes and winter apparel.

3. Bring a mask.


This isn’t the typical item you packed on your last girls’ trip, but it’s important for the current world climate. A mask is one of the easiest ways to protect from the spread of COVID-19 according to the CDC. Many businesses that you encounter on your trips will require masks. So, be sure to pack a few in your suitcase so that you’re well prepared.

4. Take care of your nails.


If you’re going to a destination where you’ll be wearing sandals and heels, you’ll, of course, want beautiful looking natural nails. So, what better time to give your nails a makeover. A manicure and pedicure are important before you head off on your vacation with your girls. However, manicures and pedicures from traditional nail salons can be extremely expensive and many times the nail polish chips leaving you frustrated that you spent your money on something that simply didn’t last. That’s why you should consider a set of gel nail stick on adhesives for your trip. These gel stick on nails work by going on top of your natural nails, then you simply file off the excess with a nail file. They are also cruelty-free and long-lasting, and they provide a beautiful, colorful addition to your nails so that you can be looking fresh for the entirety of your vacation. This way you can spend more time enjoying your experience rather than worrying about a time-consuming manicure.

5. Make a trip to the salon.


Along with making sure your nails are in check, it’s also a great idea to hit up your local spa before you head off on your trip since you might want to get a haircut or your hair colored before you leave. Nobody wants to look back at photos and feel like you didn’t look your best. This is the time to do so so that you look and feel your best with all of your friends.

6. Consider different types of shoes.


Another thing that you need to pack to have a great vacation in a variety of shoes. By bringing a variety of shoes, you have the right kind no matter what you decide to do with your friends. For example, if you go to a nice winery you’ll want a pair of heels possibly stilettos, but if you’re going to the beach you need flip-flops. If you’re going to be walking around you need comfortable gym shoes to adventure in.

7. Find ways to relax.


One important part of vacation is making time to intentionally relax. It might sound like a no-brainer, but even though it’s a vacation, it doesn’t mean that you are technically relaxing. Travel is a great way to experience tranquility and it even helps with your mental health. Make sure you create the time and effort to detach from things that stress you out and don’t serve you. Get some distance from these things and figure out how to focus on relaxation through reading, mindfulness, and anything that serves you.

8. Bring things to do.


Even though you’re going to be on a trip with some of your best friends, you’re still going to want alone time here and there. When you are wanting to experience some alone time it’s important that you pack a book you’ve been wanting to read, a journal, and maybe even a yoga mat so you can get some quality exercise even if your friends aren’t willing to join. These minor items can be incredibly useful to get the most out of your vacation experience.

9. Talk to your friends before.


Before you head off on your trip, you have to discuss the details with your friends. Yes, you’ve decided on a location together, but it’s also important to decide on activities and other arrangements so that there’s no confusion with the minor details. Some of these details include how you’re splitting your stay, who’s driving, and even how you are traveling. It’s also a good idea to coordinate with your friends before so that you all have a good understanding of what to expect throughout your stay.

10. Always remember to live for adventure.


Last but certainly not least is to explore the location that you’re in. You’re making memories with some of your most treasured people in your life. So, try to get out of your comfort zone and go kayaking, hiking, or do things that suit all of your friends in some way. At the end of the day, this is a trip to celebrate your friendships and relax. By doing so, you’ll surely have a great vacation.

Originally from Paraguay, Naomi is a Boston-based actress, artist, and writer. When she is not on stage, Naomi works behind-the-scenes, taking care of all things operational at Mitzi’s Cafe.
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