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Simple Gifts for Your Girlfriend This Holiday

Finding a gift for your friends and family can be difficult. Finding a present...
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Finding a gift for your friends and family can be difficult. Finding a present for your significant other, however, can be far more difficult. Throughout your relationship, looking for the right gift ideas can become increasingly harder, especially if you’ve already given your girlfriend great gifts in the past. No matter how stuck you are, the good news is that finding the right item to show your love and appreciation can be made easier with the proper direction. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for your significant other, here are simple gift ideas for your girlfriend this holiday season.

1. Help your girlfriend relax and unwind with the gift of CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become quite popular in the realm of health and wellness. But what exactly is it? CBD is a natural substance found within the hemp plant that’s said to have similar benefits to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This means that it may be helpful in stress and anxiety relief, pain relief, and even trouble sleeping. Besides its purported benefits, CBD products also have one distinct advantage over THC, though. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t get you high. This gives users the ability to take it whenever they want and enjoy the relaxation and anxiety relief without dealing with the psychoactive effects.

If your girlfriend deals with any of the listed problems above, she may enjoy the relaxing effects that CBD could provide for her. However, it’s important that you only purchase CBD products from reputable sellers like TryPlainJane. Offering locally sourced, affordable CBD and hemp products, Plain Jane is focused on helping you get the most out of your CBD goods. Whether you’re interested in buying your girlfriend hemp flowers, CBD pre-rolls, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, or anything else she could possibly need, you’re sure to find the right product for her needs with Plain Jane.

2. Find her a fragrance she’s sure to love.

Fragrances are always an excellent gift to give your girlfriend. Whether she is looking for something that she wants to wear, something that she wants you to wear, or even something that she would love to use around the house, there are plenty of amazing scents out there that’ll make for a great holiday present. Musk, cinnamon, vanilla, patchouli — there are so many sensuous perfumes and fragrances to choose from! One fragrance that you should consider looking into is Jaguar perfume. Try some yourself to see if she takes to it. If she does, make a gift out of it the next time an important holiday rolls around.

3. Buy her that makeup palette she’s been dreaming about.

As women already know, makeup is expensive. From pallets to glosses, it costs a lot of money to buy some of the high-end makeup products that everyone’s using. To make her holiday, consider purchasing her a makeup palette that she’s had her eyes on. You can also go above and beyond by creating a whole kit with palettes, glosses and lipsticks, foundations, blushes, and other beauty and skincare products that she typically uses or has considered using but hasn’t tried out yet. Even though these gifts may not seem that great, they can be the perfect presents for the makeup lover in your life. Make sure to check out what brand she uses and buy her that kind — she’ll be impressed with your attention to detail and she’ll love the gift!

4. See what fitness apparel she may want.

Fitness gear is arguably the most comfortable and multipurpose clothing. While fitness gear can be worn for workouts, it can also be worn as casual wear, making these outfit choices perfect for inside and outside the house. Consider purchasing your girlfriend some new leggings, comfortable workout shoes, or even nice tops that she could wear anywhere. Again, this is one of the best gift ideas that may not seem like much but can mean a lot to the right person.

Finding gifts for your girlfriend can be difficult if you’re trying to think of ideas off of the top of your head. However, there are plenty of excellent ideas out there that can steer you in the right direction. If you’ve started gift shopping but don’t know what you should get your girlfriend, use some of the gift ideas above to help you find that perfect gift that she’ll love this holiday season.

Charlotte is a stylist, graphic designer, and art director at Mitzi’s Cafe. Based in Los Angeles, you can typically find her grabbing brunch with friends or reading a book on the beach.
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