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Ways To Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and after nearly a year of social...
a man and woman lying on a bed

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and after nearly a year of social distancing and regulations, many people are struggling to keep the flame alive in their relationships. After a year where going out to dinner or a romantic night out dancing have been challenging, couples are considering ways to bring the romance back to the bedroom. If you’re looking for a way to give your intimate life with your partner a jump start, read on.

Between the Sheets


Reigniting the spark in your relationship can be as simple as a few enhancements. Whether considering a product like semenax for male enhancement or bringing in products to help with sperm production or testosterone levels alone, more and more couples are turning to supplements and pills for things like erectile dysfunction, increased sex drive, higher energy levels, and more.

Maybe you’re a man struggling with getting an erection due to overall stress in the outside world. Bringing a generic Viagra into the equation could be enough to reignite passions between the sheets. There’s never anything wrong with a little help and something that simple might be enough to turn things around in the bedroom.

Dressing Sexy


If you’re looking to reignite your passions, make your sex life the same priority you do other things in your life that you care about. The same way you’d dress up for a job, spend the time planning and prepping for the bedroom. Whether it’s buying a new pair of lace cheeky underwear or a thong for your partner, saving sweatpants for lounging around on the weekends or yard work is a good idea. When it comes time for romance, bring your A game.

Maybe your sex life’s become stale because of restrictions and shutdowns that have meant working from home and teaching the kids. To combat this, set up time for you and your partner to be intimate. Whether it’s planning a meal for the two of you alone after the kids have gone to bed, or simply showering at night and putting on sexier clothes for some flirtation, making an overt effort to reconnect will go a long way in heating things back up again.

Reconnecting through Intimacy


There’s a reason you and your partner are in a relationship. Sometimes, relationships get boring or even taken for granted because people forget why they’re there. This coming Valentine’s Day, make a pact with your partner not to forget why you’re both there. Whether you physically write down the top ten reasons you love your partner, compliment them, or form a new daily habit to send flirtatious messages and texts, part of igniting a stale relationship means paying attention to the tiny details.

If your relationship is important, you want to show it. It’s one thing to tell your partner you love them, but it’s different to show it in action. Find one nice thing you can do every day to make your sweetheart’s day easier or even to put a smile on their face. This doesn’t have to be expensive but will do wonders for your intimate relationship.

In the end, there’s plenty of hope for your relationship as long as you and your partner are both invested. In having an open conversation and coming up with a plan as a team on how to bring the spark back, you’ll be well on your way. From the use of sexual enhancement products to trying new things and making it a priority to put away stress to connect, this year could even be a Valentine’s Day to remember. Get creative, be open minded, and have fun with it. You’re in the relationship for a reason. Happy reconnecting!

A Colorado to Boston transplant, Nadine is a writer for Mitzi’s Cafe. When Nadine is not on set as an assistant stylist for multiple photographers and publications, she is cooking up a storm or hosting a killer dinner party.
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