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How Can I Make My Bathroom More Aesthetically Pleasing?

When people think of home renovation projects, they may imagine a new kitchen backsplash...
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror

When people think of home renovation projects, they may imagine a new kitchen backsplash or fresh carpeting in the living room. These go-to images make sense, considering how much time the average person spends in each of those areas every day. However, the amount of time a person spends in the bathroom in their lifetime may surprise you. The average man spends about 855.8 days in the bathroom while women average out around 770.8 days. Accordingly, deciding to renovate or redecorate your bathroom is a wise choice.

Examine your bath or shower.


One of the most eye-catching aspects of your bathroom is the shower or bathtub. Unfortunately, this is also an area that can be overlooked due to how much time we spend inside them each day. Gradual changes like rusting fixtures or deterioration of tile may be affecting the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Even a perfectly designed bathroom with complimentary decor will suffer from stained grout or cracks in the tile. Before you start searching “remodeling bath shower near me,” it can be helpful first to visualize your dream bathroom.

Start with your textures. Are you happy with tile, or would LuxStone match your design style better? What type of faucets would fit best with your color scheme? Once you have a few design ideas in mind, turn to bathroom remodel specialists like those at Lux Bath. DIY projects can be tempting, but when pipes and plumbing are involved, mistakes can be costly. Installation pros can help you safely renovate your bathroom without interfering with or harming your plumbing.

Consider a fresh coat of paint.


Our tastes change over the years. A color scheme that you found exciting just a few years ago may have become obnoxious over time. Perhaps you moved into the house as-is and left the previous owner’s design style in place. Changing the color on your walls and frames is an excellent way to make a significant change without being overly invasive.

If you have been looking for the perfect DIY project, a fresh coat of paint is a relatively safe and easy one to try! Try picking up a few swatches from your local hardware store to get a feel for what color palette will look best in your home before committing to anything.

Consult with an interior designer.


Remodeling products can be challenging when you don’t have a lot of experience. Between furnishings, accessories, and finish, you may be caught between aesthetics and functionality. Thankfully, some people specialize in solving that exact issue! Whether you need full-service coordination of installments or just a bit of help creating a mood board, an interior design firm has got you covered. Elite design firms like Brayton Interiors, an interior designer in Denver, can even make 3D renderings before anything in your bathroom is altered at all.

Through this advanced technology, you’ll be able to see what the finished product of your design ideas will look like before making any commitments. Sometimes, the finished product doesn’t turn out the way it was imagined in the brainstorming stage when it comes to design. A 3D rendering eliminates the possibility of renovation regret.

The design process can be a bit complicated, especially when it involves a bathroom makeover. If you’re making any invasive changes like replacing your bathtub, consult with the experts to ensure your plumbing stays intact. Those itching for a DIY project may benefit the most from a fresh coat of paint that will bring new life to a dull powder room. Putting your personality into color schemes and fixtures can be tricky. If you get stuck, consider retaining the services of an interior designer to help you through it.

Charlotte is a stylist, graphic designer, and art director at Mitzi’s Cafe. Based in Los Angeles, you can typically find her grabbing brunch with friends or reading a book on the beach.
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