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3 Tips for Managing Menopause in the Summer

Though many women look forward to the summer, it can be a difficult season...
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Though many women look forward to the summer, it can be a difficult season if you’re going through menopause. After all, when you want to be outside enjoying a sunny day, nothing can sour your mood quicker than a hot flash. So, when you’re handling menopause symptoms and trying to stay cool, you must have strategies and plans in place to help you enjoy warmer months.

Whether you’re investing in a few air conditioner repairs and upgrades or you’re trying to renovate your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere that can help you manage hot flash symptoms, here are a few ideas to help you feel fresh throughout the warmer months.

Ensure that your air conditioner is working correctly


A major component of managing menopause symptoms during the summer revolves around managing your home’s temperature. After all, your home is your safe space. As a homeowner, if you’re tired of the humidity, the heat, and the lack of air movement, it’s up to you to do things to fix these problems. Few things are worse during menopause than when you feel a hot flash coming on, and suddenly the thermostat isn’t responding when you try to change the temperature.

While there are a few thermostat and AC system fixes that you may be able to handle by yourself, it’s often wisest to hire a technician or a professional to address your HVAC needs. When your AC system is struggling to efficiently keep your home cool, a professional can quickly diagnose the problem and promote solutions that can help.

Especially if you’re dealing with night sweats, it’s a good idea to see if your AC system is operating at peak performance. If there’s an issue with your vents, your registers, or other HVAC system components, you should contact an appliance repair specialist or an HVAC pro to come to inspect your system. A technician may spot HVAC system leaks, insulation problems, air filter buildup, and other issues that could impact your HVAC system’s ability to produce cool air effectively. On a hot day, you’ll be glad you decided to budget for airflow improvements. Just remember that if you’re going to invest in a few upgrades, it’s essential that you find ways to keep your pet at ease during a renovation project. If you’re a parent, the same goes for your children.

Renovate your bathroom to create a spa vibe

When you’re dealing with menopause on a hot day, you must have spots in your home where you can go to cool down and relax. In addition, since hot flashes are particularly agitating, you want to ensure that you’re addressing your symptoms as they arise. In many cases, it’s a good idea to head to the bathroom, draw the blinds, and soak in some cool water to help your body temperature decrease. Sometimes, however, this means that you’ll need to invest in a few sensible renovations to create a zen oasis.

When you’re renovating your bathroom, you must consider any appliances, furnishings, or bathing spaces you’ll need. Sometimes, this means that you’ll need to make some compromises. For example, if you want room for a soaking tub so you can beat the heat in the summer months, you’re probably going to have to give up something else in exchange, such as a linen closet or a floor-length mirror. You’ll also want a bathroom that has decent airflow, so there’s not too much moisture buildup. All the additional humidity in the air can trigger menopause effects and cause discomfort.

Keep tabs on your diet


As the outdoor temperature starts to climb, most people naturally begin to gravitate toward cooler foods. While cold beverages and fresh flavors are trendy during the summer months, there are likely to be times when you have the option to eat hot and spicy foods. While this doesn’t mean that you can’t eat any fresh foods out of the oven, it does mean that you should be aware of how many spices and intense flavors you add to your foods. It also means that it’s often a good idea to let your meals cool down for a bit when they’re done cooking.

If you experience regular hot flashes or menopause symptoms, you may want to review your diet with your physician or gynecologist to see if there are any likely culprits. Sometimes, you can trigger hot flashes or other symptoms by consuming too much of a specific food or ingredient, too, so it’s a good idea to take note of any food quantities.

When dealing with menopause symptoms, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by weight gain, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. While these tips don’t address every symptom you might feel during the summer months, they should give you some practical ways to improve your quality of life, stay calm, and beat the hot air of a sweaty summer day.

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