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Home Repairs Especially Important to Florida Homeowners

Homeowners in Florida understand the acute importance of regular upkeep around the house. Florida...
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Homeowners in Florida understand the acute importance of regular upkeep around the house. Florida weather provides ample incentive for keeping the property in tip-top shape, and a single summer day with warm air instead of cold air from a well-running AC system in the home should be enough to convince anyone of this.

Start with the roof.


Anyone living in the state for a full season of weather events knows that repair jobs for homeowners in Florida begin and end with the roof. The entire state is exposed to hurricanes throughout the late summer and early fall, hailstones during the winter, and daily showers for most of the spring and summer. This busy calendar, coupled with a surprisingly wide-ranging swing of temperatures across the year makes for a hectic series of hazards to your home’s roof.

Maintaining your roof starts with yearly or seasonal checks and a cleaning routine. You must climb up on the roof in order to assess the shingles, replace damaged spots, and clean off any debris that has accumulated on the top of your home. Checking the roof yourself gives you the ability to judge the remaining life of the cover as well. A roof typically lasts about 20 years before needing replacement, but the unpredictable nature of Florida weather means a powerful storm could damage your top far before that estimated end date.

Maintain your air conditioner.

Learning how to check an AC compressor is a great idea for Florida homeowners. Maintaining your air conditioner is essential to keeping a comfortable home throughout the year. Your HVAC system provides heat through the chill of winter and cold air during the blistering summer days.

When your condenser starts to go, adding refrigerant may be the simple fix, but enlisting a trained HVAC technician to check it out for you is always a smart way to go. Your air conditioning unit is the only thing providing cool air throughout the house during the hot half of the year, and a damaged AC unit with a refrigerant leak or faulty compressor can cost you a lot on your electric bill as well as a lot of headaches. It can certainly be a hard start to the summer without this necessary repair work to keep your home providing the basics.

Maintain your lawn for a flawless look year-round.

Homeowners in Florida also need to conduct yard repair work regularly. Weeds and animals wreak havoc on the health of the lawn in a hurry, so maintaining the equilibrium of watering, cutting, and weeding is essential to creating the harmony that every homeowner across the United States looks for.

Putting down new mulch in your garden beds every spring, and mowing the lawn weekly are essential tasks for Florida residents. You will also need to maintain your sprinkler system to exacting standards. The grass and debris that often clog pipes and sprinkler heads can cause major backups throughout the system and cause tube leaks or strange noises across the piping.

Cleaning out your sprinkler heads is easily done and will ensure proper working order throughout the growing season. Another important task here is in the edge work. Florida grass grows notoriously fast, and rodents and invasive bugs are known to travel throughout unruly lawns. Edging your grass every week during the mowing process is crucial to keeping a manicured lawn that looks great and protects your home and family from pests at the same time.

Home maintenance work in Florida can be demanding. There are a number of essential tasks that you must perform in this unique and challenging environment, but Florida living is unparalleled in its leisure and comfort. It’s worth it!

Mitzi is the founder and creator of Mitzi’s Cafe, established in 2018. She currently resides in Brooklyn, splitting her time in Los Angeles, and loves tacos, vegan donuts and the Yankees.
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