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Easy Gift Ideas for the Frustrated Shopper

This holiday season is going to be a little different compared to last year,...
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This holiday season is going to be a little different compared to last year, particularly when it comes to finding the perfect gift. With the disruption caused by COVID-19, it is likely that Black Friday is going to be more compatible with the Cyber Monday sales event, as most shoppers are going to be relying on online deals.

Whilst the constant wandering around stores, hoping to catch the best discounts and Black Friday deals may not be a miss to some frustrated shoppers, it does present alternative frustrations like; how do you find the good deals for gifts for your loved ones when you don’t get to see the present you are buying? With additional extras like free shipping and exclusive online deals to both entice shoppers and deter people away from brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday, how do you find the best deals online? It’s hardly a relaxing process at the best of times, buying gifts online for special occasions like birthdays, but when you’re trying to purchase every Christmas gift this way, keeping one’s cool is about as likely as catching a Snowman on a sun-bed!

Well, whilst all of the answers may not be readily available (as we’re all just doing our best this year), you might find some suggestions in this list to keep you getting lost in the online retail world. So, here are some suggestions for easy gifts for the frustrated shopper.

token of your affections…

Here is an easy suggestion right off the bat; diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They just also happen to be a bit of an expensive one. Or are they? There may be a solution to get some high-quality jewelry for a much more affordable price during this holiday season.

If you’re not familiar with couponing, it’s a simple process of collecting coupons and tokens and exchanging them at the checkout of various retail stores in order to save a little money or enjoy a deal or two. Instead of relying on the store to begin sales or reduce prices of their own volition, coupons can be used outside of the sales events and are a little more exclusive to the holder, should you be lucky enough to get a hold of some coupons in the first place. There are coupon enthusiasts that would class it as a hobby, and there has even been a reality TV show dedicated to the most devoted of couponers.

However, a great start for beginners would be to head over to and check out the range of discounts they’re hosting through the coupons and tokens they have listed there. This holiday, there is a range of coupons in honor of Kay Jewelers Black Friday sale.

As it pertains to what Kay Jewelers specialize in, the clue is very much in the name. They have a range of jewelry available in their sale, from bracelets and necklaces to jewelry boxes, luxury watches, and engagement rings… yes, you read that right; engagement rings. If you and your partner have hit that time in your life when you’re ready to tie the knot, but have not made it official just yet, then this Christmas could be the ideal time to propose. It doesn’t matter how you found that perfect piece as an engagement ring, just remember that when it comes to unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, an even bigger gift could be a proposal. Kay Jewelers is your ideal place to look; with their wide range of diamond engagement rings, in yellow gold and white gold band variants and a shine unlike any other. Remember, you have the option of using coupons here too, and you might be able to pick up a good deal or two on other clearance jewelry whilst you’re shopping. If you’ve already given your betrothed an engagement ring and are now on the last stretch before the wedding, you can also get your bride-to-be one of Kay Jewelers’ bridal sets.

If you are simply a jewelry shopper or know someone who is, then maybe the coupons themselves might be worth gifting too.

Mental clarity… for them, not you.

Yes, holiday shopping is incredibly frustrating, and especially when it is all having to be done online. But as a suggestion, consider CBD (as a gift for someone else, not for you!) Much has been made of CBD since the 2018 Farm Bill made the purchase and owning of hemp plants and extracts legal. It’s only right to have a slight disconcertion about CBD products and whether or not this cannabis extract is an appropriate suggestion. But it might be worth hearing about it in more general terms, and then you can make a more educated decision.

First of all, hemp is part of the cannabis family, and this power plant is where CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from. There are other derivatives which we’ll get to in a moment, but hemp itself has been grown in the United States for centuries. Part of the chemical compounds that make up hemp is the psychoactive (or “mind-altering”) drug THC. Now, so long as your hemp of CBD extract has a ratio of 0.3% THC at the most, then it is completely legal and can be used without experiencing the “high” effects. The reason why CBD has a bad reputation is due to the illegal cannabis plant which includes more than that ratio of THC; marijuana.

So, no one is suggesting that you gift that latter cannabis extract to anyone. Instead, it’s worth a look through the various THC-free products on offer by The Root of it All, and seeing how helpful so many of their edibles, tinctures and topicals are for a variety of everyday conditions. Topical ointments are favorites amongst the populace for their effect on skin and how it can assist in skincare. Similarly, CBD tinctures can be of use to those with over-active minds and help them get a good night’s restful sleep. These products are not, and never should be counted as medicines, but more like natural remedies for sore muscles or joints or sleepless nights. The Root of it All has a series of blog posts to give more information on the natural design of CBD and the other ointments that they sell. Their blog also assists beginners with Ayurvedic Wellness, and they infuse their products with natural ingredients of herbs and spices including turmeric, basil, ginger, lavender, cloves of garlic, rosemary, and extracts of valerian root; as all of which are key ingredients in this ancient alternative medicine system.

Plus, if you provide your email address, they will not only keep you up to date on the latest news of this growing industry but will also provide a discount too!

A step in the right direction.

Boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they do. Well, actually, they do a lot more than that, despite what the song says. They look good too, so if you are stuck on what to get your loved one for Christmas but want to keep a more classic feel, then a pair of new stylish boots might be just the ticket.

There are those whose legs just don’t fit into boots as easily as others, and that’s ok. Some people have more athletic calves, some people have ultra-thin legs, or are a little wider above the ankles. Who cares, everyone is different, and it shouldn’t fall on you or a loved one to have to fit into those boots that just look great. Instead, it falls to the bootmakers to provide a range of extra slim to extra wide calf boots, and make sure that they are the best no matter what the wearer’s leg-size is.

Journee Collection is doing exactly that. They offer a range of footwear that aims to be the perfect fit for any wearer and are aiming for comfort above all else. Everybody knows their shoe-size, but when it comes to a pair of boots, the leg-size needs to be taken into account as well. Journee Collection’s website also has a live chat function which is like a virtual appointment to help you ascertain what size your loved one would be more comfortable in. The size of the boot goes off the measurement of the widest part of your calf, but we’ll leave how you’ll find out what that is without raising suspicion, to you!

From coupons to CBD, Boots to engagements rings, finding the perfect gift for your loved one shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor. Nor should it be frustrating. With a couple of search words and the formulation of a plan before shopping, you should have nothing but success this Christmas time.

Charlotte is a stylist, graphic designer, and art director at Mitzi’s Cafe. Based in Los Angeles, you can typically find her grabbing brunch with friends or reading a book on the beach.
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