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6 Money Saving Tips For Families

You might feel like it’s challenging to manage your money. You’re sick and tired...
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You might feel like it’s challenging to manage your money. You’re sick and tired of the constant stress and worry over finances and you’re ready to take control of the situation. When broken down into simple ideas, saving money every month is possible for your family. Now that you’re on track to save money, consider implementing these six money-saving tips to help maintain financial security for you and your family.

1. Pay off your debts first.

If debt is always on your mind, that’s your cue to get it paid off. Getting these large expenses out of the way is a great way to start achieving financial security. Obviously, some debts take a long time to pay off like student loans, car loans, and credit card bills. However, it’s these types of payments that occur interest quickly, and you’ll end up paying a proportional amount more than the original loan cost. If you any extra money each month, it’s a wonderful idea to pay off more towards your debts. This way, you’ll be debt-free sooner rather than later saving you tons of money in the long-run.

2. Get good rates for your health insurance.

You’re responsible for maintaining health insurance coverage for you and your immediate family members. Finding a health insurance plan is integral to keeping medical bills and medical expenses down if any medical care is needed. If you’re trying to find ways to save money on your health care, then you may want to consider the rate you’re getting on your group health insurance from your employer.

You can also explore plans like a medishare cost. MediShare is a type of insurance that’s based on Christianity. For example, everyone pays into a general community for the group, and then when money is needed, it’s removed from the pool. You must also abide by the good Samaritan rule, by sharing with your community like you’re all family. No matter the type of health insurance that you decide to go with, use Health Quote Gurus to help you find the best rates to save money.

3. Budget your food costs.

If you’re the main grocery shopper in the household, you understand how much money you dish away on food every single week. It’s even reported that the average cost of groceries every month for one person in the United States is anywhere from $165 to $345. That’s a large chunk of cash for just one person. So, if you’re a family of four, this is likely to be even higher. That’s why it’s important to plan out meals to ease the financial burden. Give yourself a specific meal plan every week including your expenses for eating food like carryout. This way a basic meal plan that aligns with your budget allows you to manage your spending for financial peace of mind.

4. Search for affordable clothing.

At some point in time, you’ll want to get some new clothes. Going shopping for yourself and your loved ones shouldn’t feel like a financial burden that you’ll never recover from. By finding affordable clothing options you can get the style you love without breaking the bank. For women’s clothing options, check out places like Chico’s off the racks boutique. This outlet store gets you the stylish clothing you desire for a fraction of the price of other women’s clothing stores. They sell a variety of women’s outfits like dresses, skirts, cardigan sweaters, v-neckline shirts, and other wardrobe staples all for a great price. You can use the cash you save on your clothes for some of the other members of your family to spread the love and the savings.

5. Sell your old belongings for cash.

Think about all of the extra stuff you have lying around your house, garage, or storage unit. It’s time to put that stuff to good use and make some money off of it. However, if you’re in between homes or if you’re using a storage unit for your belongings then the least you can do to save some cash is look into affordable options and discounts for your storage unit. For example, this storage unit company offers first month free rent as a discount to its new members. Deals like this allow you to save a substantial amount of money since rent is usually a higher-cost monthly payment.

6. Plan ahead for special occasions.

The last tip is to plan for important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and traditional holidays. In a monthly budget, list out all of the birthdays and occasions that month that require extra cash. Set a limit on the money put aside for these events, and only use that money to fund the occasion. By being prepared for these expenses, you’ll ensure that you’re within your financial parameters instead of over-spending haphazardly.

At end of the day, by incorporating these ideas you can relax. In turn, you’ll make yourself a believer in your capabilities to save money for you and your family.

Natasha is a content strategist and creator at Mitzi’s Cafe. A former hair stylist and aesthetician, Natasha is obsessed with all things self care and wellness. Catch her at the local farmer’s market every Sunday or shopping with friends.
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