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Your Guide for a Successful Move to North Carolina

North Carolina has seen an influx of residents lately. Whether people are moving to...
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North Carolina has seen an influx of residents lately. Whether people are moving to NC for their jobs, moving to Black Mountain to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, or moving to Asheville, NC for the mountain views, people are pouring in to live near everything from Black Mountain to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

If you’ve recently been searching for NC mountain land for sale, then you probably already know that the mountain views are spectacular, and your real estate agent has told you about all the activities and benefits of living in the mountains. So, since you know all of that, in this article, you’ll find some tips and tricks for a successful move to Asheville, NC, instead.

Switch your utilities and subscription services ahead of the move.


When moving to NC, it’s best to switch your utilities and subscription services ahead of the move so that everything will be waiting for you when you step into your NC home. You want to have your water, electricity, and cable switched over at least two weeks before the big move. While switching over the electricity, gas, and water are important, it’s also important not to forget to get trash collection and sewage set up as well so that on your first night in your new mountain home, you can sit on the front porch, watch the stars and drink your American light lager beer in peace, in whichever flavor you prefer, instead of worrying about having no utilities.

Pack an overnight bag with essentials.


The night before you move into your NC home, it’s a good idea to pack an overnight bag of essentials that you’re going to need without having to dig through boxes to find what you want. Pack your phone, your toiletries, and anything else you’ll need to make it through the night until the movers can come, and you can start unpacking the next morning. This is especially important if you’re moving to NC from out of state. You’ll probably be too tired to unpack much. This bag of essentials can take some of the stress off of you on that first night in your new home.

Get home repairs done before you move.


If at all possible, get any home repairs that need to be done on your new mountain home taken care of before you move in. For example, if the windows in your home are single-paned or look like they’ve been there since the home was built, contact the window replacement professionals in your area to see if they can come out and install new windows in your home before you move in. If you live out of state, try to make time to be there for the window replacement, and if you don’t, see if someone you know in the area can be there instead.

The last thing you want is to get into your new NC home the first night only to find that the home is cold, drafty, or too humid because the windows aren’t in good repair. Contact a reputable installer to take care of your window replacement needs right away for the best results. This way, when you get to your home, all you’ll have to do is sit back in your recliner, drink your favorite flavor of light lager, and enjoy the scenery from your new windows.

Mark and detail your boxes.


When you get to your new Asheville, NC home, you’re going to want to be able to unpack as fast as you can and get down to living your new mountain life. As a new homeowner, you want to be able to enjoy the mountain views, get out and ride the Blue Ridge Parkway and explore the trails that are adjunct to your acreage, not spend all day digging through boxes to figure out what goes where.

You can avoid the stress and time by marking and detailing your boxes as you pack them. If you mark the boxes, then when you go to unpack, you’ll know exactly what room every box goes in and can easily get done with your packing and head out to have some fun in your new NC home.

Get used to the altitude.


If you’re moving from out-of-state to the mountains, it might take you a bit to get used to the high altitude since the air is thinner at higher elevations. Take it easy the first couple of days, and if the sickness and being light-headed doesn’t get better within a week, contact your primary health care provider, and ask for medication until you’re used to the thinner air.

These are just a few tips for making a successful move to the mountains of NC. Remember, the mountains are a great place to live; you just need to be prepared before you get there.

Charlotte is a stylist, graphic designer, and art director at Mitzi’s Cafe. Based in Los Angeles, you can typically find her grabbing brunch with friends or reading a book on the beach.
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