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Why Is Prayer Important? 5 Great Reasons to Pray

Prayer is the cornerstone of the church. Typically, the Christian community meets once per...
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Prayer is the cornerstone of the church. Typically, the Christian community meets once per day or week to receive the blessings offered through mass, the ultimate expression of Christian prayer. However, in the months since we began battling the Covid-19 pandemic, this has become impossible, even though the need for prayer has never been greater. It is at times of stress when we need the help of our prayers the most.



Prayer is a great agent of relaxation among the faithful. During mass, we would ordinarily light a few church candles and pray for our departed, as well as for those who need some extra help in life. It is also a great way to declutter the mind and focus on what’s really important to you. Keeping vigil in the sanctuary is one way that many people choose to accomplish this, but this doesn’t have to take place at the church. You can set aside time for intense prayer in the space of your own home just as easily with some candles and a quiet hour in the evening.

Learn to let go of the things outside your control.

Part of the power of prayer is the ability to let go of that which you cannot control. Putting your faith in God is about more than simply asking him for help. Prayer teaches us that we cannot influence everything that we touch, and that’s alright. Learning to let go of the stress caused by these problems and situations is a crucial lesson of regular prayer. If it is to be, it will be.

Be Selfless


Prayer is also about selflessness. Putting your faith in something outside of yourself means that you must surrender control at that moment. You must submit to the unknown and ultimate power of God. It is a humbling experience, and all the more important today, as we seek a strategy and vaccine to fight off Covid-19. Selflessness and humility are essential in our daily lives and especially important during difficult times like these.

Uncover your true feelings.

By speaking with God on a regular basis, you become adept at understanding your true feelings about the topics that are brought up. But prayer is about more than simply speaking to God, you are communicating with Him, and the clarity that comes with that can help you uncover hidden meanings and thoughts. The more you pray, the better you’ll be able to understand His message and your own feelings.

Live life to the fullest.

Often, those who are suffering from illnesses reach out to God for comfort and help, as they believe they have reached the end of their Earthly journey. They could be seeking answers to their most burning questions, wanting to set right wrongs, or contemplating their triumphs before they pass.

But myocarditis research has found that sudden heart failure is actually most common among young and healthy people and not those who are of more advanced years. This means that we must appreciate the value of living life to the fullest in the here and now, instead of waiting for old age to welcome us as anything can happen and at any time. So engaging with your maker now may be the perfect way to set yourself on the path to learning these powerful lessons in self-reflection, while you still have the time to make use of them.

Myocarditis is particularly devastating, the Mayo Clinic and other research centers have deduced that it causes inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium) as a result of viral infection, leading ultimately to heart failure and death. This is particularly scary during the Covid-19 pandemic that we are all faced with today.

Prayer is a crucial part of healthy living and it brings us all closer to God in personal and powerful ways. It’s a great place to start for those who are seeking answers.

Mitzi is the founder and creator of Mitzi’s Cafe, established in 2018. She currently resides in Brooklyn, splitting her time in Los Angeles, and loves tacos, vegan donuts and the Yankees.
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