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Top 5 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

August 10th is “Spoil Your Dog Day,” but you don’t need a special day...

August 10th is “Spoil Your Dog Day,” but you don’t need a special day to treat your best friend to the best that life has to offer. Whether you’re looking to surprise your dog for their birthday or out of the blue, setting aside some extra time to spoil your best friend can help you show your dog how much you love and care about them. From trips to the pet supply store to massages, here are the five best ways to spoil your furry friend.

Let them choose a new toy.

Between all the new sights and smells and opportunities to socialize with other dogs, going to the pet supply store with your furry friend is a great way to spoil your dog. Also, your dog can help you fill your shopping cart. There are countless types of toys—from squeakers to balls to chew toys. Instead of guessing what your dog might like, let him explore the aisle and choose a new toy. It’s important to rotate your dog’s toy selection to prevent boredom, so letting your dog pick a new toy will be a fun surprise.

Alternatively, consider surprising your dog with a new toy. Online pet direct sales companies like pawTree feature a wide variety of dog toys, treats, pet food seasonings, and holiday gifts. With a family full of direct sellers like pet parents and dog owners, pawTree aims to serve pets and people by delivering high-quality products through relationships based on trust.

Buy your furry friend some dog treats.

Buying some new dog treats for your pup can help you show them how much you love and appreciate them. With organic full-spectrum CBD pet products like CBD oil, edibles, and topicals, your dog can enjoy the relaxing entourage effect. CBD pet products can also help reduce seizures, chronic pain, and anxiety. To choose the best organic CBD oil for dogs, make sure to search for a CBD oil with natural ingredients that contain good proteins, fatty acids, and nutrients.

If your dog uses prescription medications, be sure to ask your vet before giving your dog CBD products to ensure CBD won’t cause any negative side effects or interact with their medication. Whether you have a large dog or a puppy, your vet can provide medical advice so you can administer the right dosage to your dog. When choosing between 150mg and 250mg pet CBD oil, keep in mind that bigger dogs will have different recommended doses than smaller dogs.

For another healthy dog treat option, try baking your dog homemade biscuits. You can adjust the recipe to include his favorite foods by incorporating bacon, apple, or chicken flavors. The best part? Because you’re baking the treats, you know exactly what your dog is eating. When baking your DIY treats, only include natural ingredients that are safe for dogs, and always consult your vet before adding new foods to your dog’s diet.

Take your pup for a hike.

While your dog needs exercise every day, your usual walk around the block won’t cut it if you’re trying to spoil your furry friend. Your best canine friend can be a great hiking companion, but preparing for your hike beforehand is key, especially if you’re planning on a long-distance trip.

Before planning your hike, check with your vet to ensure your dog is healthy enough to for a long-distance hike. Be sure to ask your vet about any dietary changes, like increasing your pup’s caloric intake before the trip. Additionally, a general check-up can help ensure your dog is in good physical health.

Whether you’re planning to hike a nearby trail or climb a mountain, keep in mind that you’ll need to ease into it. Most people can’t hike 20 miles off the bat, and neither can dogs. Try starting with an easy five-mile hike, then gradually stretch your hikes up to 10 miles. If you want your pup crushing miles with you, it’s essential to take it slow and pay attention to their needs. The change of scenery and all the new smells will be enriching—just make sure to bring along fresh water and snacks for your dog, as well as poop bags to clean up after bathroom breaks.

If your vet doesn’t clear your dog for a hike, try taking them out on a long drive. If it’s one of their favorite things, take your dog on a mini road trip with the windows rolled down.

Set up a special space for your best friend.

Every dog owner is familiar with all the dirt and fur their furry friends leave behind. From patches of fur to spilled water dishes, dogs always seem to find a way to make a mess in the house. To help contain some of the mess and make your pooch more comfortable, give your best friend a special place of their own.

Unused offices and vacant bedrooms are ideal for creating a special room for your dog, and setting aside a dedicated space where they can play, eat, and sleep can help keep a lot of the mess out of the rest of your home. To start, add a comfy bed or crate, food and water bowls, and some of your dog’s favorite toys. If you have any extra storage cabinets or bins, use them to keep the room tidy. Finally, complete the look with dog-themed decorations.

If you don’t want your dog to take up so much space, try creating a dog nook. You can build a nook for your pup anywhere in your house, whether it’s under the staircase or in an awkward corner. Creating a dog nook is a great way to keep your dog’s special space close to the rest of the family. For bonus style points, try decorating with dog friendly house plants. Spider plants, peacock plants, and lemon button ferns require little to moderate care and can help add color and texture to your home décor while keeping your dogs safe and happy.

Schedule a “spaw” day.

Dogs love and benefit from massages just like humans do. Planning a soothing massage can help soothe your dog’s muscles and mind, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain, and help strengthen the bond between you and your best friend. If you’re working with a limited budget but still want to spoil your dog with a spa day, learn how to give your pooch a massage, facial, or pedicure at home. You can even customize your dog’s experience with an essential oil diffuser, as long as you check which essential oils are safe for dogs beforehand.

To plan a spa day at home, choose a quiet room for the massage to promote relaxation. Start by softly stroking your dog, using flat palms to gently press against their skin. Slowly move your hands along the head and down the neck using sweeping motions.

During the massage, be sure to pay attention to any areas of swelling, sensitivity, and pain. If your dog is in pain or overly fearful, stop the massage. Additionally, avoid pressing straight down on bones, joints, and sensitive areas, and avoid areas where your dog doesn’t enjoy being touched or pet.

Above all else, one of the greatest joys of owning a dog is pampering him with cuddles, treats, and fun activities.

A Colorado to Boston transplant, Nadine is a writer for Mitzi’s Cafe. When Nadine is not on set as an assistant stylist for multiple photographers and publications, she is cooking up a storm or hosting a killer dinner party.
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