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Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Any Family

Keeping up with your home maintenance is a surefire way to promote peaceful and...
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Keeping up with your home maintenance is a surefire way to promote peaceful and happy living around the house. If you and the family are regularly wrestling problems like annoying noises from a faulty furnace or perhaps air conditioning that always seems to be on the fritz, it’s going to be that much harder to ever get to a place where you feel like your living space is your sanctuary. You don’t want to be caught up in a vicious, stress-inducing cycle of looking for reasons to escape your home. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some easy home maintenance tips that you and your family can use to ensure your home is fully optimized.

1. Turn your air conditioner on when you’re cleaning.

The good news is that you’ve taken it upon yourself to clean up your household. With that cleansing process comes the inevitable kicking up of dust and other debris. This can end up making it all that much harder to clean in a time-efficient manner. So, turn your air conditioning on when you’re cleaning. The air conditioner’s filter will be your clutch sidekick and suck up some of those unwanted particles. While you’re at it, take the time to clean out those air conditioner vents and ducts. Your air conditioner will appreciate the attention and run much more efficiently as a result.

2. Keep a watchful eye on your furnace.

The last thing you and your family want to end up dealing with is a furnace that’s on the outs. The good news is that you can be proactive in getting out ahead of any faulty furnace scenarios. It starts with acknowledging that there are certain furnace noises you can’t ignore. If you hear a booming noise coming from your furnace, that means a delay in the ignition process within your furnace has taken place. This causes a gas buildup, which can then create the booming noise coming from your HVAC. Another reason you might hear a booming noise coming from your furnace is that there could be a blockage at the furnace assembly. Your best course of action is to reach out to a professional HVAC technician as soon as possible. Some other noises that warrant a call to your local professional HVAC technician are squealing, rattling, clicking, and chirping noises.

3. Fix up any sticky locks.

Time takes a toll on all these worldly things—especially the locks to any of those doors around your house. With enough turning of the keys, inevitably, your door lock will gradually get filled with dirt and other small bits of metal. This, in turn, can create quite the sticky mess of a lock. So, try out squirting some dry lubricant in those sticky locks.

4. Repair that leaky hose.

With summer looming like a promising beacon of light on the horizon, it’s time to make sure that your garden hose is ready to spring into action. It seems as if garden hoses only survive a few seasons of usage before developing one leak or another. The great news is that you can easily repair any leaks on that garden hose by visiting your local hardware store and stocking up on a handy hose repair kit. From there, all you’ll have to do is just cut out any of the leaky parts of the hose.

We’ve covered a handful of quick and easy tips that you can take with you as you progress down the rewarding path of home improvement. You’ve already spent a whole lot of money to own that space that is your house, so it’s only going to benefit you to put in a little extra effort here and there to ensure that everything’s in tip-top shape.

A Colorado to Boston transplant, Nadine is a writer for Mitzi’s Cafe. When Nadine is not on set as an assistant stylist for multiple photographers and publications, she is cooking up a storm or hosting a killer dinner party.
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