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Current Trends in Women’s Fashion

As seasons change, fashion trends come and go. One might wonder, “What’s the point...
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As seasons change, fashion trends come and go. One might wonder, “What’s the point of paying attention to fads? And how can someone stay in style with the constant revolving door of fashion choices?” It’s important to note that trends capture the cultural zeitgeist. Think back to the early 2000s, earmarked by denim jackets, frosted tips, and aggressively gelled hairstyles. And when you think of the 1980s, you don’t just think of disco dancing and plastic bangles. You also think of oversized sweaters, off-the-shoulder shirts, and big hair. Clothing has the ability to foster creative self-expression and boost confidence. Time can be defined by fashion just as fashion is influenced by time. It adds color and conversation to everyday life, and these are just a few reasons why fashion trends are so influential. Learn more about the current trends in women’s fashion for spring 2022.

Bold Jewelry


Bold jewelry isn’t going anywhere. Feel free to don your stackable rings and show off your favorite gemstone. Whether you’re choosing sterling silver bands or a yellow gold stackable ring set, rings are a great way to accessorize and level up any outfit. Some might opt for bold jewelry in the form of stackable birthstone rings or a rose gold band. Whatever it may be, you’ll be glad to know that you’re staying on-trend. Find the best stackable ring set at Kendra Scott like the Livy Gold Ring Set of Three in White Gold, which is stone-studded and makes for a perfect addition to your collection of bold jewelry. The Phoenix Wrap Ring is inspired by Victorian jewelry with its sculptural gold metal. The Kendra Scott collection even has bold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to help you keep up with this season’s latest trends.

Leisure Wear

After two years of remote work, people are no longer willing to sacrifice their comfort. While “athleisure” might seem like a lazy fashion choice, leisure wear is now a common uniform even for everyday professionals and is centered on intention. You’ll be glad to know that off-duty style has taken a new form. It’s no longer just about leggings and practical footwear, as leisure wear has leveled up and broken the rules. You’ll find everything from colorful matching sets to exercise dresses paired with chunky loafers. Leisure in 2022 is intentional and elevated. If you’re interested in implementing this style, start with boxer briefs for women. Boxers are no longer just isolated to men’s fashion. You’ll be able to find women’s boxer briefs with the help of Woxer. Forgo the wedgies, bunching, and chafing associated with traditional panties. Pair your yoga pants with platform sneakers and throw on a leather jacket over your sporty sweatshirt. Stay on-trend by making comfort deliberate.



Gone are the days of neutral pieces and subtle hues. Today’s fashion incorporates loud prints, fun shapes, and colorful bottoms. You’ll find blouses and tops that are reminiscent of the ’90s. Think bowling shirts and textured patterns. Celebrities are wearing red from head to toe and opting for large fur coats to make a bold statement. After spending so much time indoors, people are ready to hit the streets, show up, and show out. Dresses with tiered skirts, bell-bottom pants, pastel shades, and baggy pants are back in mainstream fashion. Expect to see eccentric designs, especially through the warmer seasons.

Now that you’re in the know, it’s time to start shopping. Find high-quality jewelry to accessorize your leisure-inspired outfit, or go all out with bold pieces and partake in the maximalist trend. Choose retro florals or loud patterns and experiment with textures. These are just some ways you can stay on-trend.

Originally from Paraguay, Naomi is a Boston-based actress, artist, and writer. When she is not on stage, Naomi works behind-the-scenes, taking care of all things operational at Mitzi’s Cafe.
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